Eric Metaxas interviews Tim Keller on various topics

A nice interview from Eric Metaxas of Tim Keller.

  • They get into a Tim Keller bio (Minutes 1-18)
  • He gets into science and Genesis and talks about Apostle’s Creed faith
  • He gets into some of his own thoughts on science and the Bible. Gets into the science vs. Bible conflict language. Admits there is a lot he (and we) simply don’t know.
  • Minute 28 Metaxas gets into the topic of hell.  Gets into CS Lewis, The Screwtape Letters and The Great Divorce. Discussed Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins”
  • 39:19: “You don’t have to do doctrinal engineering to get the spirit and tone you want.”
  • Refers to an article by Richard Bauckham on Universalism. The idea that the early church fathers were weak on hell is wrong.
  • Preaching hell minute 42. “Have we backed away wrongly from warning about hell in preaching?” Metaxas.
  • “The curse of God is the curse of free will. CS Lewis says that hell is the greatest monument to free will that there’s ever going to be.” Keller
  • Minute 45: What about the person who lives in a place in the world that never had a chance to hear about Jesus. Keller’s answer is that when we hear the answer to this questions we’re not going to have any problem with that answer. Metaxas: “That’s the most brilliant cop-out I’ve ever heard in my life.”
  • Keller: 1. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. Why? Is that narrow minded? No. If you accept that he’s actually God (every other religion has a founder that says “I’m a prophet, I’m going to show you where God is” Jesus is the only founder of a major religion that says “I’m God come to find you.” What that means is that either Jesus is wrong and he’s inferior to all of the other religions (claim is too outlandish to honor. (pvk)) Vastly inferior, he’s deranged, he’s crazy, a megalomaniac, or he’s superior, and the way to find God. So it’s not just because we decided we’d like to be best. If you believe he’s the resurrected Son of God you have to believe he’s the way in. We’re forced by that. Which means I don’t know of any other way which means that if people haven’t heard or haven’t believed I don’t know of any other way. If when I get to heaven God says “that’s right they’re lost” he’ll tell me why and it will seem fair. If I get to heaven and he tells me “actually there was something else” I’ll be happy there too but I’m not more merciful or more just than God. That’s why I say a.) we have to believe he’s the only way b.) as far as we know you’re lost therefore unless you come to God through Christ and c.) when we find out what the answer is, about how God can be merciful and just at the same time we’ll be completely satisfied.
  • Keller: If you’re doctrine is far enough off, then the God you’re believing in isn’t real. Nevertheless it’s your belief in God and his grace, not perfect doctrinal belief that saves you.
  • Keller: Doesn’t necessarily follow Lewis in this area because Keller finds no information in the Bible that this is true. He was a layman so speculating there is fine.
  • Minute 50. Metaxas when he was at Redeemer was frustrated that Keller wasn’t out there more in the culture. It seems odd that he isn’t on TV more. Keller: one of the worst things is that your church gets flooded with Christians who want to come to hear Keller. Metaxas, why is that a problem? Keller: you are trying to win people to Christ and you’re filled up with Christians. The Christian tourists are not like the people actually in your neighborhood. There’s nothing worse than commuter churches. He’s tried to keep a low profile, but now it’s over. Metaxas pushes back. Keller wants to get out there the people in the church, to be a local pastor, not the voice in the culture.

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2 Responses to Eric Metaxas interviews Tim Keller on various topics

  1. Bill Haines says:

    Wish Eric had asked about Noah’s flood. Does the fossil evidence represent the order of burial in the flood rather than the order of evolution?

  2. Sean Meade says:

    so great. thanks for linking this, Paul.

    amazing juxtaposition of the differing ethos(es?) of Metaxas and Keller. Metaxas really wants to change the culture and wants big stages to do it. Keller is more content to ‘bloom where he is planted’, do what he’s called to do and let God work out the rest.

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