Link list of the blog discussion on the CRC Confessions and Form of Subscription

I find it handy to keep a list of postings on a current subject that get disseminated into the blogosphere. If you have written on it or found a posting I didn’t list drop it in the comments. Thanks. pvk

The piece I wrote for the CRC Network on the Classis Blog. I also posted an initial copy on my own blog.

Bob De Moor’s Banner Editorial. Karen Maag discusses it a bit in her excellent article on confessions for the Banner.

James KA Smith’s blog posting.

Mark Hilbelink’s posting on the CRC Young Adult Leadership Taskforce. Lots of comments on this one.

John Suk comes out boldly on his blog. “Time to Put the Confessions to Pasture?” This obviously caused a lot of comments on the Facebook forums. Both the CRC Pastors Facebook page and the Returning Church Facebook page have lots of comments.

Bryan Berghoef checks in on his blog.

Dan Brown checks in on his blog.

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