Eschatological Foundationalism together with infra and supra

It’s funny what sticks and what doesn’t. In Peter Leithart’s piece on Confessionalism as a gateway drug to RC conversion, I caught the reference to Fergus Kerr and Thomas as an”eschatological foundationalist”.

A number of years ago through the wonderful Harry Der Nederlander, former editor of Christian Courier I was introduced to A.A. Van Ruler. Harry translated a bunch of Van Ruler’s stuff and posted it on his website. One of the ideas that has haunted me ever since was the idea that in the resurrection history begins to work in reverse. We are not pushed into the future by the past, we are pulled into the future by the gravitational force of the resurrection. The resurrection is moving history forward, attracting all things to itself.

I was thinking about this as I pondered the the sermon end of my post on the Banality of Ministry.  A bit of googling to me to Leithart’s earlier comment on Fergus Kerr and reflecting how it impacts the infra/supra controversy. 

“In infra, the eschatological dimension of the original creation is lost; the creation does not exist to be glorified, but simply exists, and then falls and is redeemed. In supra, fall and redemption become the plot line that God has chosen to use to glorify the creation, but creation would be glorified regardless.”

In terms of the Christian life it seems preferable to be pulled forward, rather than pushed from behind. The resurrection, like a heavenly body of immense gravitational force, pulls history towards its destination. The pull at times may seem distant and irrelevant, like the center of our galaxy that keeps the great milky way spiral in tact, but nothing can deter it from taking all things into itself. It is the energy of the Christian life.

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