John Gottman Stuff

Barking up the Wrong Tree has a nice summary of some John Gottman marriage stuff. 

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3 Responses to John Gottman Stuff

  1. John Suk says:

    John Gottman’s long-time friend and fellow therapist, Canadian Sue Johnson, has written the hands-down best book on marriage. Entitled, “Hold Me Tight,” it is written for all committed couples. Great insight and lots of practical advice. Her work is based on the insight that humans are created/have evolved so that one of their greatest needs is attachment–another person who is a safe haven, especially emotionally. Great gift for couples planning marriage or moving in together. Check it out at

  2. John Suk says:

    Actually, my wife does couples therapy that is heavily influenced by both Gottman and Johnson. Check her site out at: A unique focus of her practice is “intensive” weekends where couples in crisis spend almost 20 hours over three days reconnecting in a healthier way. People from all over North America fly in for these weekends. Of course, I’m proud of my wife’s work!

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