The Woman Behind

From Faith and Leadership. 

Jenee Woodard is a bustling, blueberry-muffin-making 54-year-old “mama,” she says, to Jaie, a biophysicist pursuing her Ph.D. at Harvard, and Phil, whose autism is about as severe as it gets.

Woodard rarely eats breakfast, and sleeps only in snatches, when Phil does. She is uncomfortable in crowds, or talking about herself.

She listens to audiobooks and knits. She plays her acoustic double bass or her beloved 1975 Fender P-Bass in her spare time, when she’s not getting her son through the day or leading classes in biblical studies.

But all of that happens only when she’s not holed up in the sunny little hardwood-floored office in her ranch-style house in Jackson, Mich.

That’s where she studies biblical texts — often in Greek, Hebrew or Latin. It’s where she trolls the Web for Christian commentaries, articles, artwork, music and sermons.

And it’s where she created and single-handedly operates The Text This Week, (often called by its url, Textweek) a website that generates two million hits a month — four million near Easter — mainly from ministers and educators.

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