Rachel, Brett, Johnny and others on Millenials

RHE: The church must change or die

Brett: Millenials can’t see beyond themselves and the church should be careful

Jonathan: They’re both right and wrong, what we need is commitment to action he says. A quote after the break.

And another millennial doesn’t feel his perspective adequately voiced by RHE. Patheos. I like this one best so far. “Have you tried praying for the church?”

Also this guy makes the point that RHE might as well say the UMC is fits the bill but they’re hardly busting at the seams.

Bethany Keeley-Jonker on ThinkChristian.

RHE’s follow up posting “Something unexpected happened on the way to the CNN blog” and an interesting comment left by “Sandy”

John Hawthorne’s Millenial Canaries, Millennials tip us off to larger trends.

The Naked Pastor’s take: The church is facing death not just because it is irrelevant but unnecessary.

David French says that millennials are narcissists. 

The Myth of the Perfect Millennial Church

I’ve seen this work out practically in my own life. It’s easy to complain about a church when you’re not really involved in it, when you’re “church shopping.” When my wife and I were doing pre-marital counseling with our pastor over eight years ago, the conversation often veered toward the ways we disagree with some of the church’s policies. We actually asked him if he thought it’d be wrong of us to leave over an issue like women in ministry (we were for it, by the way). He told us very calmly that we should do what we felt we needed to do, but that if we left, there was less chance the church could change. In short, he was saying, you could leave, or you could get involved.

I’m embarrassed to say, we left. So Millennial of us. But that same scenario has played out many more times as we’ve moved to different cities (and countries) over the past eight years. Whenever we grew tired of looking for a new church, and just decided to get involved in one (usually we’d choose an Episcopal church within walking distance of our apartment), we found that we actually wanted to be there. Truth be told, this is typically a frustrating experience, churches, like other large institutions, are slow to change. But being invested in a community, particularly one wherein you’re forced into relationships with people you disagree with, feels a lot like what I imagine the Kingdom is supposed to be like.

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