Anger as Zombie Virus

Anger wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t contagious. One angry person infects the next and before you know it the world is full of angry people who are spewing venom with their lips, drawing blood with their fists, burning homes with their armies. Anger kills.

Like Zombies

Anger is like a zombie plague. It infects faster than the infection in World War Z or The Walking Dead. People can “turn” in an instant and they are first wishing someone else harm and possibly pursuing it.

Angry people are even more dangerous than zombies because angry people can be smart and conspire with other angry people. Unlike the mindless masses mostly looking to employ jaws and teeth angry people have the whole human panoply of power to employ against their enemy.

Unlike Zombies

Unlike zombies anger is not always permanent and terminal. Sometimes it is. Some people devolve from being a person who is angry to simply being angry and losing themselves, and everything else in the process.

Also unlike the zombie contagion the anger virus can be resisted from the inside. In fact, it is one of the toughest things about it. We are all responsible for what we do with our anger because we could have done differently.


Can I self-confront about my mood and behavior?

Can I ask God for help?

Can I get help from others?


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