Using Google Music

I was a long time Zune user but Zune is mostly dead. I’m also all Googled-up so trying Google Music was a no-brainer. I’ve been using their subscription service since the first month and their other “locker” service for longer. Here are some thoughts.

How the “Locker” Service Works

You install the Google Music Manager software on your PC (I think it’s Windows only). You point the software to keep an eye on your mp3 collection. Google will upload (or match) your mp3 collection on the Internet accessible through any web browser. After that you can get to it through any computer, through any web browser and play the music you own.

If you have an Android phone (on the same account as your Google Music account) your music will show up then on your phone to stream. You can “pin” the music then to your phone for playing on airplanes, etc.

They also have an “All Access” service where you can play (and store) any music in their collection from any browser or any of your Android devices for $10 a month.

Sermons and Lectures

I also listen to a lot of sermons and lectures. I find Google music is very handy for this as well. Once I download the sermon on the PC with my Google Music Manager it then uploads the audio file to my service and it is accessible through all of my devices. Because Redeemer (for Tim Keller sermons) keeps sermon series as “albums” and individual sermons as “songs” as it were if you pin the series to your Android phone it will automatically download the sermon to your phone for playback later. I also have my mp3 version of the Bible and sermon catalogue on Google Music so it is all accessible through any browser or any of my Android devices. It works quite well.

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