Phil Robertson’s Remarks on Homosexuality

The Repercussions

The suspension is lifted

The Conversation

Though many may wish A&E made a different decision, the truth is that the network reacted to Robertson’s comments because they feared a backlash from their more socially moderate viewers. Airing the show and promoting the family’s lifestyle serves as tacit approval from the network, fair or not, and it’s worth noting that both sides of the culture war are guilty of calling on networks to drop individuals they find offensive. Regardless of whether this turns out to be a good decision, it’s important to note that the media’s role in society is to both reflect and lead culture. It’s always a picture both of who we are and who we are becoming, and that tension can be incredibly difficult, particularly on thorny issues.

  • The Dish: Why is A&E Punishing the Guy for being the character they’re profiting from? And continued

I have to say I’m befuddled by the firing of Phil Robertson, he of the amazing paterfamilias beard on Duck Dynasty (which I mainly see via The Soup). A&E has a reality show that depends on the hoariest stereotypes – and yet features hilariously captivating human beings – located in the deep South. It’s a show riddled with humor and charm and redneck silliness. The point of it, so far as I can tell, is a kind of celebration of a culture where duck hunting is the primary religion, but where fundamentalist Christianity is also completely pervasive. (Too pervasive for the producers, apparently, because they edited out the saying of grace to make it non-denominational and actually edited in fake beeps to make it seem like the bearded clan swore a lot, even though they don’t.)

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