Why You Might Think Some of my Blog Posts “Let Down Our Side” and Why I Still Do It


Some of what I write (or link to) might be viewed by some of you as betrayal. Truth seeking involves facing evidence that doesn’t necessarily line up with your beliefs or paradigms. Truth seeking involves dealing with doubt.

Too often blogging, debating, conversing is all about “winning” your argument or “winning” for your team. As a Christian I believe this should not be what I or we are about. In fact I believe Christianity affords this better than some other worldviews. Why?

Grace for Wrong Thinkers and Livers

Christians are not accepted by God because they have gotten

  • the answers about evolution or philosophy correct
  • because they have had the good sense to join the correct religion
  • because they are more honest than non-Christians (which is often not the case)
  • because they are more moral than non-Christians (which is often not the case)
  • because they believe the right religious things

Christianity says we are received by God because of what Christ has done.

Christianity says we are drawn to God through the work of the Holy Spirit.

Being a Christian means trusting Jesus more than yourself.

Christianity is finally about loving your enemy/neighbor not outcompeting against them.

Being a Christian is not about me “winning” (See Phil Vischer’s comments on winning Internet debates), it is the trust that Jesus has won.

Blog Note

So when you read things on my blog feel free to contradict, argue, complain.

Extend me some grace if you are able.

Understand that I write to process and think out loud.

About PaulVK

Husband, Father of 5, Pastor
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