Uncoupling as “Life is Beautiful” or Finding Life after the Nazis.

Found this by @ErinBlaskie via Danny Fast. It’s an attempt to mitigate the loss of a marriage. Apparently the process is a Counscious Uncoupling. Be nice. Don’t fight. Be a grown up. All good things their child will benefit from. I truly wish them the best.

It reminds me of the premise of the movie “Life is Beautiful”. I loved that movie. What the father does for his child is a beautiful thing. The father is living “your well-being at my expense”. He saves the child. I cried like a baby at the tank scene.

At some point, however, the child grows up. He may love what the father has done for him, but he will face the truth about this world and his story.

Denial is a coping mechanism but at some point it must give way to truth.

“your well-being at my expense”

American secularism keeps trying to make life work by denying metaphysics. Metaphysics gets in the way and causes conflict #coexist…

We keep slipping back into metaphysics though, because it’s so useful. We can’t keep our hands off of it.

At some point, however, when is a Nazi death camp a Nazi death camp? When is a divorce a divorce?

The goal for many from various metaphysical camps is to transcend pain by transcending evil and loss. The Nazi death camp is an illusion that Papa helps the child transcend. Unfortunately, at the end of movie the price the father has paid (his own life) for his child’s comfort and joy (at the tank) is apparent to the mother and to us and eventually to the boy when he becomes a man.

In Christianity God keeps accounts. Evil must be accounted for and paid for. It can’t finally be transcended, it must be faced, addressed, forgiven, destroyed. The cost is horrific. The end is joy.

Read “The Hiding Place“. Betsie and Corrie figured it out.

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