Christian Reflections on the Subject of Risk by Tim Keller

Recycles “relocate your glory” This is from one of my “go to” Keller sermons Praying Our Fears

Cites Benjamin Nugent Upside of Distraction on Monomania

When good writing was my only goal, I made the quality of my work the measure of my worth. For this reason, I wasn’t able to read my own writing well. I couldn’t tell whether something I had just written was good or bad, because I needed it to be good in order to feel sane. I lost the ability to cheerfully interrogate how much I liked what I had written, to see what was actually on the page rather than what I wanted to see or what I feared to see.

Three Points

  1. You need to humble yourself and recognize you are not in charge, you are not in control of your life, you can’t manage it, you are in the hands of God.
  2. Though you’re in the hands of God what you do matters. We do not believe in fatalism. Fatalism says “our fate is set despite what we do” but that is not the Bible. Cites Paul in Acts 27. Paul says “nobody is going to die” and he also says “if the sailors leave people will die…” Huh? There is a mysterious but real compatibility between God’s sovereignty and what we do. You need to know both these things or you’ll be too passive or too scared.
  3. The one who is in control died for you.

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