Rachel Held Evans pulls the plug on her Evangelical Ex

“It seems to me,” he responded,  “that for you, evangelicalism is like the ex you broke up with a while ago but still stalk a little bit on Facebook.”

(I’m telling you, the dude is like a prophet.)

“That’s exactly what it is!” I said.

“Maybe it’s time to pull the plug,” he said, “for you own health and happiness.”

“Maybe it is.”

Richard Beck mercifully weighs in with “Evangelicalism isn’t really a church, it’s a web of institutions”,


My comment: forget evangelicalism, try working your faith in a church, the body of Christ with messy people, hypocrites, bigots and saints, and in some people all four rolled up together.

Another take on “Farewell Evangelicalism, not so fast” where she lays out how the post-evangelicals while denying many of the points use the same culture war tactics

 Post-evangelicals may want to abandon the culture wars of their parent’s generation, but they cannot so easily free themselves of how those wars taught them to fight. This is not to say that rhetorical structures alone constitute evangelical identity, but they are a key component, a component post-evangelicals inherited directly from the structures they are now decrying.

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