Would the World Allow Anyone Who Could Raise the Dead to Live?

Dead RaisingIranian Cleric Raises the Dead

Imagine an Iranian cleric raised a man who was dead for four days. What would happen?

First there would be skepticism. Surely this didn’t happen.

Let’s say that there was documentation. Dead for four days, buried, etc. What then? Let’s say this wasn’t the first time this cleric did this but the third time and in each of the other cases there were numerous public witnesses. One was a young girl when the house was surrounded by mourners. One was a young man who he actually raised during the funeral in front of a whole village. What would you do?

Would You Become a Muslim?

Would you become a Shia Muslim on account of this story?

I’m sure some people would convert to Islam but most wouldn’t. You probably wouldn’t.  Christians might think it was the work of the devil. Sunnis would find some Sunni reason.

Many people would flock to this man and want to learn from him, might recognize his name and publicly identify with him but many of other aspects of their lives wouldn’t change. They would still lie, drink too much, take drugs, cheat on their spouses, spend money foolishly, look at porn, not share with those in need, spend too much time on Facebook, not eat right or get enough sleep, all along the lines of what their lives were before the story.

Most secular westerners wouldn’t become Muslims. It’s too anti-women, anti-gay, too many conservative practices, there is the 9/11 thing, etc. Conversion to Islam would be unthinkable for most.

How Would Governments Respond?

The first thing the Iranian political leaders would want to find out is whether this man would “play ball” with them. Would this man support the current regime or would he cause trouble? If they didn’t get the right verbal cues and the man didn’t prove himself to be absolutely compliant they would find a way to have the man disappear or they would simply kill him. Why? For the same reasons that governments don’t let you stockpile REAL weapons that would threaten their monopoly on force.

What about other governments. The Israelis, Americans, Russians, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, etc. would also one way or another make sure this man died. Such power would be such a destabilizing factor in the world, worse than a nuclear weapon.

More Powerful than a Nuclear Weapon

Why would this be more powerful even today?

Because it threatens to shape hearts and minds in a destabilizing. way. This man would be feared to have enormous power, even though in reality if he only raised a few people not much would actually change.

The fear would be that he would in fact start raising all kinds of people. The issue wouldn’t be that he was just raising large number of people. We know that simply having a large population wouldn’t necessarily destabilize, but what if he started raising brilliant, famous, smart people back to life. What if he raised Einstein, Hitler, Stalin, MLK Jr. Gandhi, Genghis Khan, Lincoln, Washington, FDR, Marilyn Monroe, Thomas Edison, J.D. Rockefeller, Jon Lennon, Michael Jackson, Eisenhower, Patton, Rommel, Hannibal, etc? You can see right away that the governments of the world wouldn’t allow this to happen. They would use nuclear weapons just to insure that they got this guy.

“That would Change Everything…”

The English radio program Unbelievable did an episode on healing miracles. The Christian on the program testified to a miracle where a pig valve that a previous surgery had placed was miraculously replaced with a real, healthy, human heart valve. The skeptic declared “if this really had happened and it was fully documented then the world would change.”

I agree completely with the Christian on the show that said it wouldn’t. They come up with all kinds of scenarios with video cameras, documentation, etc. that this kind of thing would change the world. It wouldn’t. Go to Youtube and search for healing miracles. You might even believe that some of them might be real, but it probably won’t change you.

What if Through Science We Could Re-awaken the Dead?

Medical science has obviously changed the world. Even simply through clean water and sanitation we have dramatically altered human population growth. What if through jellyfish we could stop aging? What if we perfected a technique that we could predictably make progress in reawaking the dead if their bodies were carefully preserved? What if they weren’t?

While this would slowly change humanity it wouldn’t be anywhere near as disruptive as the Iranian cleric who raised the dead because it would be “science” and therefore accessible to anyone with the money and technology to pull it off.

Let’s imagine this happened. How would this change you? Would you live your life differently knowing that you might now live 500 or 1000 years instead of 80 or 100? How would it change your life?

What should this Teach Us About Ourselves?


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