5 Streams Vs. 5 Stones

I made a table comparing the language of the 5 Streams vs. the 5 stones


  • Three headings seem to line up clearly, two do not: Develop Leaders vs. Servant Leadership, Love Mercy, Do justice vs. Loving Mercy; Doing justice, Serve Globally vs. Global Missions.
  • The ECC headings are all verbs or behaviors.
  • The CRC titles are nouns. The Micah 6:8 CRC category are verbs turned into nouns. Is this a being vs. doing thing?
  • The Global group becomes a catch-all of sorts. The “starting and strengthening churches” is found in the CRC one. In the ECC one reiterates the other 4 stones within it.
  • The ECC leadership box mentions clergy and laity, the CRC box doesn’t distinguish.
  • ECC distinguishes between disciples and churches. Don’t they go together?
  • CRC distinguishes between gospel proclamation and faith formation. Don’t they go together?
  • I first lined up ECC “disciples” with CRC “Faith Formation” but now I reversed it. So that evangelism is expressed in “disciples” and “proclamation”. That puts churches together with faith formation.
  • The ECC PDF  has longer “We are committed” under each stone. In some cases they drill down to a specific program or initiative.

What do you notice? 

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