Dorothy Sayers Writes herself into her novels

The Story

At some point Sayers also introduced into the novels a character named Harriet Vane. Interestingly, she was depicted as a mystery writer educated at Oxford (just like the author who wrote her into the story!). She had an on again and off again relationship with Wimsey through several books. She thinks him rather strange at first and declines his repeated invitations to marry. Finally in one of the later novels at the very end she accepts Wimsey’s proposal. Subsequent novels reveal a blissful honeymoon (Interrupted by another murder mystery) and a long season of domestic bliss. Wimsey’s troubled life was rescued by his marriage to Harriet Vane.


Keller, or whoever it was who discerned an illustration in all this, sees the whole thing as beautiful illustration of the gospel: Dorothy Sayers fell in love with her own character and then wrote herself into the story in order to rescue Peter Wimsey.

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