Stephen Colbert and Friends Gives us a Wonderful Taste of Advent

Stephen Colbert concluded his series. 

I found great delight in his sing-along. Why? To me it is an image of the age to come.

No I’m not a universalist. Yes, I realize these are all celebrities. What is my point?

A few years ago I wrote about unbelieving artists producing Christmas albums as a proleptic vision of Isaiah 60.  This is in that category.

Enemies, friends, rivals, people with a lot of petty and large things between them can, for a moment, join in celebration. For a moment all the serious stuff that Colbert joked about was laid aside and they could simply celebrate.

When Christ comes again and all wars cease this is how it will feel, but far far more.

So this brings me joy, gives me hope, helps me dismiss stubborn sin and embrace gratitude.

Thank you Stephen Colbert for your work and your finale.

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