Mark Zuckerberg wants to start a conversation about miscarriages


Mark Zuckerberg wants to have a conversation about miscarriages. His timing is ironic given that we’re also having a conversation about harvesting of fetal tissue for scientific research.

Many couples wish for there to be more public recognition of miscarriages, in some cases memorial rituals, etc. Others want their actions regarding identical fetal tissue to not be exposed, to be destroyed or harvested in secret.

What is the difference? One fetus is wanted, the other rejected. The public status/value of the fetus is the will of the parents. If the fetus is desired you could be charged with murder if you end it. If the fetus is unwanted the parent (or the government) pays to end it.

This means that our status is determined by those with status and power. Human life isn’t seen as a thing in itself, but something that has value only if conferred by someone with status and power.

This is at the heart of “black lives matter”. When people of status or power do not recognize a life’s value that life is at risk. The difficulty is we struggle to have a public framework to solidify value apart from someone recognizing and protecting the status of the weak and vulnerable. Political pressure is flimsy and fickle.

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