I wonder Wednesday Curriculum

I wonder wednesdays They ditched the Alpha program and made this.

From Ground Motive ICS

Simply stated, Nik argues that Scripture is a story about the work of God and humanity making a home, a place in this world defined by care, respect, and love—something many struggle with in Queenston.

On this reading, creation receives special emphasis. Home, God’s and our own—the kingdom of heaven—is not some place “else”, a place in the sky or an afterlife, for example. That which calls us home doesn’t call us out of creation, but rather provokes the opposite: it calls us into this miracle. The kingdom of heaven, God’s home, is right here: it’s downtown St. Catharines in the Queenston neighbourhood, in our kitchens, part of our businesses. The kingdom of heaven is in that really dirty spot between the countertop and the stove. The kingdom of heaven is found amongst the relations we have with both each other and every part of the natural universe. We don’t necessarily need to do anything or go anywhere to find or be discovered by this home. Creation groans for homemaking.


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