Mary Hulst at Calvin College Loft Understanding and Caring for LGBT Friends

Livestream video

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3 Responses to Mary Hulst at Calvin College Loft Understanding and Caring for LGBT Friends

  1. Don Baxter says:

    I approached this video with a huge amount of cynicism, given it came from the CRC’s Calvin College. Long before the end, I was completely blown away. This woman knows gay people, particularly gay Christians, because she has taken them into her heart, not just her head, as some sort of biblical, abstract consideration. I am gay, and I find it extremely rare to see someone who is straight ‘get it’, – and be able to speak about gay people and for gay people and simply nail down everything solidly and completely. I do not care what else she has to say about gays and lesbians, but I would stand behind it completely simply from what I have seen here. She knows the people, the ‘issues’, the ‘problems’ and she recommends attitudes and actions that are positive, positive, positive, which is such a huge antidote for all the super-negative, political ‘analyses’ that consume so many conservative Christians. Would that they could put their own need to be right, along with their cynical political beliefs behind them long enough in order to hear what she is trying to say.

  2. Judy Parr says:

    Calvin College chaplain Mary Hulst is God’s gift to Calvin College, the Christian Reformed Church, the LGBT community, and single church members. Thanks, Paul, for sharing with me and many others the link to Mary’s sermon about the resurrection and understanding and caring for our friends in the LGBT Community.

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