Desmoines Register on RCA SSM Clash

With more than a decade of hindsight, we look back with pride on the costly choice we made to become an LGBT-affirming church. We lost some members and congregations, but defining ourselves positively to the LGBT community created new opportunities for ministry with people whose lives give glory to God. However we chose to move forward, there was also a cost to avoiding the decision. Each moment we spent attempting to persuade each other through internal processes was a moment not spent in pursuit of our outward mission. Indecision was prudent for a time, but we couldn’t expect it to save us.

Today we stand in the company of numerous communions in the Church Universal who bless homosexual people and benefit from their ministry. The growing body of Christians who have widened what it means to love in holy ways and offer one’s life in Gospel service make a beautiful testimony to church unity that transcends denominationalism. We pray that the RCA won’t delay any further. Come and stand with us.

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