How Confessions Relocate Law

It Gets Better

Whichever way you go on LGBTQ you can’t simply deny or avoid stories or judgments like these.

For so many people these stories just expose the judgment of the tellers as self evident, but if you embrace that self-evidence you must also come to grips with the fact that for over a thousand years the other side was equally self-evident.

We live in a world of such claims. A billion people can’t be wrong, right? But in a world of 7 billion people who can’t agree on much most of what they profess is at odds.


In such a world confessions are a tool by which we are able to talk. They are a way by which we can recognize that my experience of self-evidence might not be as naive as I had hoped.

Saw this on Facebook from someone I wouldn’t have imagined would tolerate it much less promote it.

For the Romantics among us such talk is heresy. The piece is flawed by secular pessimism. Just because we can’t see non-human agency doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Christians of course believe that there is a God and he has his way with us, against us, for us, through us.

Why a confessional conversation?

Because saying “God says no” didn’t work on Sinai with the smoke, thunder and earthquakes, and it doesn’t work today with the church made up by SNL.

It seems incredible that after Paul, after the Reformation, Reformed Christians would still have trouble seeing the impotence of the law to deliver on the redemption we don’t always think we need. Maybe this is why Christianity asserts that the law could only be understood by the life of a Jew from Nazareth strung up for law breaking. This accused law breaker declared, and his followers behind him, that he actually fulfilled it, even as he pardoned, loved, and chastised the law breakers among him.

It seems law must always be located in a larger story, one within which it makes sense.

The confession I lean on most for preaching and teaching, the HC, structures itself with Misery, Deliverance, Gratitude. After the first note comfort, it launches into out troubles. We are under judgment because we can’t fulfill the law, and lest you look for cover in skepticism, multi-culturalism or relativism it grabs at the law that OUR culture has enshrined, love. We cannot love. We have a natural tendency to hate God and our neighbor. How do we know this? Yes you can figure this out by reading the Law. You can also hear it in your neighbor’s complaints against you.

Misery, Deliverance, Gratitude relocates law as response. It is the obligation of love not the avoidance of punishment. It becomes what every parent wants from their children, what every lover wants from their beloved, what ever person wants from their neighbor. pvk

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