The #RCASynod votes for the night to change their church order on one man, one woman

Livestream starts around minute 25

rca classis power new motion affirm

This was supposed to be a pro-forma “reaffirmation” that classes are the major authority.

rca defeats reaffirmation

Minute 41:05

Then it sounded like last year General Synod sent to the Commission on Church order a task to include in the church order that churches and pastors shall not perform weddings other than between a man and a woman. The Commission sent something back that said that church councils have the final say in what happens. This didn’t make Synod happy so they did another substitute motion essentially to what they wanted the Commission on Church Order to do.

rca substitute motion for bco

Tonight it would go to a “committee of reference” and then come back to the floor tomorrow to be ratified by this General Synod again.

Now again, I’m CRC and our rules are different. I know denominational rules and procedures are unique to their own systems so I don’t pretend to understand this but that was what I gathered from watching the video. The motion was passed.

A couple of pastors stood up and declared that if this passed they would violate it and happily be brought up on charges. (about 1:12 and 1:15)

rca bco addition vote

So, that’s the best I could figure out. We’ll see what they do tomorrow. pvk

RCA Press Release

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