How Liberals Ground Sanctity

Richard Beck is thoughtfully trying to promote a liberal Christian re-enchantment. He follows Jonathan Haidt in noting that liberals are strong on fairness and harm but weak on sanctity. In this piece he notes that for many liberals their experience from which sanctity arises is usually emotional and connected with nature.

Liberals, it seems, experience nature as sacred and holy. Liberals appeal to the Sanctity foundation to condemn the desecration of nature. Which connects back to my last post, the sacred experience of creation becomes a resource for liberal and progressive Christians to edge back toward enchantment.

In short, while they might not theologically believe it, liberals emotionally experience the world as being “charged with the grandeur of God.”

That’s why in the last post I called this a “romantic Christianity.” Intellectually, liberal Christians struggle with disenchantment.

For liberal Christians enchantment is emotional, less theological and more romantic.

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