Cedric Parsels “Room has been made”

Christianus Lector

Len Vander Zee’s editorial “Making Room”

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1 Response to Cedric Parsels “Room has been made”

  1. I left this reply on Cedric’s blog:
    Cedric, you are mistaken about what Synod decided should be added to CO Supplement 69c. Synod adopted the following:
    That synod decide to place a reference to the pastoral guidance of the minority report as a new Supplement to Church Order Article 69-c. It is intended that the Supplement to Article 69-c will refer to pages 436-43 in the Agenda for Synod 2016, and will indicate that the decision of Synod 2016 represents one example of how synod has determined that a marriage is considered to be in conflict with the Word of God.
    Thus all the advice is included, not just the solemnization of marriage by ministers. Because of this action, it is not true that “what officebearers are permitted or not permitted to do with regard to same-sex marriage remains – as it was before Synod 2016 – largely in the hands of individual church councils and congregations.”

    As to my comments on the study committee, the fact remains that only those who are in agreement with the 1973 Report will be on the committee. Of course, they may take cognizance of other views, and I suppose most already do, but, in effect, minds are already made up.

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