Tim Keller’s Review of Vines and Wilson on Redeemer Website


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2 Responses to Tim Keller’s Review of Vines and Wilson on Redeemer Website

  1. Bev Sterk says:

    so Paul, I click on the link and i see these links on the side to the right: free porn, nudity, free sex stories, hardcore sex, hot sex, and free porn sites… maybe it’s just my computer and frontier, I don’t know… I have covenant eyes, but whatever is connected with that link did a behind the scenes search for these other words… it is so sick! here’s the verbage it gave me with the list:

    Searches Related to “HTTP Ww HTTP Redeemer Redeemer Report Article the Bible and Same Sex Relationship Review Article Bible Sex Relationships Review Redeemer Report WWW Redeemer Com”

    so, is this the porn industry specifically targeting Christians that research Redeemer? or something else?

  2. PaulVK says:

    WordPress lately has had trouble pasting links. I sometimes hit “paste” twice and then it messes up the link. Your web browser could have then searched the URL and got something nasty. I reset the link including the full URL. It should go straight to the redeemer website now and give you the correct article. Sorry for the confusions.

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