So I burned out at Saddleback, and here’s what I learned

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One Response to So I burned out at Saddleback, and here’s what I learned

  1. Dear PaulVK,

    Noting that you posted an article about Saddleback, you should be alerted to the following:


    Now for anyone to name their book as number one, it always comes from a list. Where is the list? All other books in top twenty, 50, or 100, lists the book and the number as well as the ranking of everyone who is NOT number one.

    Rick Warren and his publisher Zondervan (now Harper-Collins) claim that Publishers Weekly stated that Rick Warren’s is “the bestselling non-fiction hardback book in history.” If this were true, Warren’s book would appear on PW’s own website list of best selling non-fiction books in history. PW does have such a top 25 list, here it is, and Rick Warren is not on it!:

    Secondly, note that on that link PW and the industry at large does not use the term “hardback”, rather they use the term “hardcover”.

    I am trying not to editorialize or comment on this because the facts speak for themselves. I simply copy what Warren claims and compare it to the various lists.


    Sometime books are fiction, but because they are based on a real character or real life story like Ben Her which is the story of Jesus, I include them in non-fiction list! posts the top 20 “best-selling nonfiction books of all time”.
    (scroll down) Rick Warren’s book is not listed in the top twenty.

    Ranker puts Warren’s PDL book at 36:

    James Clear’s Best Selling books list:
    (Warren’s book does not even show up)
    (No sign of Warren’s book)
    Warren is not even in the top 1,000

    Amazon list puts Rath’s Strengthfinder book as the number one best seller, but the list does not even include Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life book on their Top 20 best-selling nonfiction books of all time

    This was quite shocking in light of the fact that Rick Warren’s website as well as his publisher post the following statement:

    “Bestselling non-fiction hardback book in history” according to Publisher’s Weekly
    Sources: (Rick Warren’s website) (Warren’s publisher)

    What I find even more amazing than these facts, is that most pastors and professors and denominations who have been promoting Warren learn of these revelations concerning him, don’t even care about the truth, keep right on promoting him, and even attack me.

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