Tim Keller and Jonathan Haidt on Veritas Forum

There is a wealth of great points in this video that you can mine especially from Keller’s points.

Before Charles Taylor’s work became so popular Keller was aware of it and I remember in one recording Keller making an off-handed remark about Taylor’s A Secular Age basically saying “this is a book everyone is talking about”.

It seems at some point Keller decided to read him. Keller is seems is such a voracious reader (he takes his month off to read every year at the beach he says) that it sounds like he didn’t just read A Secular Age but also others of his books including The Ethics of Authenticity. From there he derives a point which I found powerful how contemporary identity is fragile. Start listening around 1:10. (This is my quasi-transcript summary of what Keller says. Spoken language is different from written to I shaped it.)

In traditional societies you went outside to find out who you were. You went outside to find your social role. “If you’re going to be a good person this is who you have to be.”

You go outside to find out who you are and then you go inside to re-order your life in accord with it. You knew, who am I? Your family roles were who you were.

Taylor says today you go inside and you don’t talk to anyone else. You decide who you are. That naturally means that you come out and need all kinds of recognition.

It’s smothering to come from a society where what you are is determined by pleasing your parents but on the other hand as long as your parents like you and they think you’re good your identity is secure.


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