Five Things the Church Wishes the Culture Understood – LCMS News & Information

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One Response to Five Things the Church Wishes the Culture Understood – LCMS News & Information

  1. Bev says:

    well Paul, as I have shared via CRC Voices, I disagree with #3 in this list… sinners is what we WERE but recognizing we still sin, “sinner” is no longer our identity and discredits the work of Christ that He made us new creations and the old is gone, when we continue to identify as sinners….. I came across this blog post a week or so back… and found it interesting to see where and how this “worst of sinners” is being propagated…. I know, I know… it’s an entrenched traditional understanding in general in the reformed camp… but I do not agree with it and believe it is a significant distortion of doctrine and this post supports my disagreement, including that it is harmful…

    so… is the default per HC Q&A 60 “even though our hearts are still inclined to all evil” (Rom 7 reference), or is it HC Q&A 1… “that Christ, by His Holy Spirit… makes us wholeheartedly willing and ready FROM NOW ON to live for Him”? and if we are continuing to default to HC #60, why? I have theories based on various anecdotal evidence, and it seems that Rom 7 default is a cop out to excuse sin… I’m not surprised CJ Mahaney is saying this, it was his Sovereign Grace ministries that was being sued for a number of incidents re child abuse and covering it up several years back… the only reason the case was dismissed, was a technicality due to statute of limitations… anyway, lots on that… but enough for now…

    hope that makes sense…


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