Dreher’s 5 point summary of his Ben Op


To restate, in simplest terms, an argument familiar to reader of The Benedict Option:

  1. The West, including the United States, has entered a post-Christian era. This means not that Christianity has ceased to exist — an absurd claim — but that Christianity is no longer at the center of our cultural definition and self-understanding, and its hold on the collective imagination is waning.

  2. Evidence of this can be found in the dramatic, and historic, falling-away of younger generations from the Christian faith. Indeed, leading sociologists of religion, examining statistical trends over the past two decades, now say that the US is on the same downward trajectory pioneered by Europe. 

  3. Among those who still claim allegiance to the Christian faith, in its various manifestations, awareness of fundamental Christian teachings is virtually nil.  They do not know what it means to be a Christian, and are drifting far out to see, though unaware of this.

  4. There are no social forces now present capable of stopping the cultural momentum towards full secularization — which, to put it another way, is apostasy. While believing Christians have to fight as hard as we can against these forces, it is more important for us to build up the internal resilience, within our families, churches, and institutions, that will allow us to endure post-Christian America with our faith intact.

  5. The lack of awareness of our predicament and its nature is the chief obstacle among Christians to preparing for it. Many Christians cannot fathom the magnitude of the change now upon us.

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