Jordan Peterson’s Lectures on the Bible


I, like many people first heard about Jordan Peterson when he started to buck Canadian law by refusing to use the pronouns that queer and trans allies and advocates were demanding. This is a good introduction into him and why he’s doing what he’s doing.
You’ll find a lot of remix and edited snippets of his stuff on Youtube put out by anti-social justice warriors of various stripes on where they take his more inflammatory tidbits in an attempt to score their points, but if this is all you see of Peterson you should think again. He’s clearly a brilliant and well educated man who’s also got a pretty emotional personality. He’s a professor of psychology but is also well read in philosophy.
What I find remarkable about these lectures is that here is a man who as far as I can tell is not a supernaturalist is fascinated by the Bible because of the implications that the stories have in terms of psychology and philosophy. Again and again he notes “this stuff is incredibly sophisticated and incredibly important for our civilization and how we deal properly with the world…”
“Properly” is a big word for him. Sounds very Canadian.
Get the picture here. This guy has become a youtube sensation, mostly with men, many of these men feeling rather put out by feminism and progressivism, not Christian men mostly I think, and many of these men probably being very susceptible to red pill, alt-right kinds of things, and he is attracting them to conversations about the Bible. They are expressing awe and respect about the Bible from a non-faith perspective, but as you know what often precedes faith is wanting to believe, wanting to live in that word.
If they continue down this road they’re going to bump into the question of revelation. How could these ancient people come up with these very brilliant, foundational ideas, but they didn’t take Jordan Peterson’s path of recognizing the theoretical foundations and truths via the long road of Western philosophy and psychology and then pour them into made up stories and pre-diluvian figures, etc., and it wasn’t just dreams and visions, somethings happened back there and these stories were preserved, formed and shaped, etc. At some point the concept of “revelation” will enter the mix. That perhaps the best explanation for the leaps made is that a being, obviously far beyond us in power and understanding intentionally seeded ideas into our systems through writing and that these ideas have been working their way in, doggedly changing us in ways we can’t understand and that right now hundreds of thousands of people are seeking after these ideas hungry for more searching for what could account for this. This could evolve into a whole new awakening from a very unexpected source. To me this is tremendously exciting.

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