Right Wing Civil Religion is not dead



I’m certainly not. the Hoeksema piece is a good one. It teases out a lot of the nuances and complexities that leaders have to navigate. Did Hoeksema do the right thing? http://www.swierenga.com/DisloyalDutch_pap.html

I was thinking that “well-behaved men seldom make history”. Hoeksema was not a well-behaved man. Neither is Donald Trump. Neither is Jordan Peterson. There is something to this, but it all depends on behavior in what direction, to make what point and towards what end.
I find the comments of the pastor of the “largest church in America” disgusting and a betrayal of the gospel. I did a video on the political theology of the book of Daniel that I’m hoping to re-edit and perhaps link to.
Daniel was able to on one hand be the best servant of his monarch, even tough his monarchs were bloody, ruthless men, or in Belshazzar’s case one more like Donald Trump always given to revelry and dissipation. He was also, however, first and foremost a servant to his God. Figuring out how to navigate this is an enormously tricky thing.
The last vision in the book which is complicated on many levels distinguishes between “the wise” in the Judean culture war during the time of Antiochus Epiphanies and those who went along with his hellenization of Judea and the temple. This culture war raged all the way through Jesus’ time. I think we need to take our cues on how to navigate a culture war from Jesus. He was incredibly savvy. He so often talks in codes about his Roman overlords and their clients (foxes have holds and birds have nests…) but calls his followers to transcend the war even as they make selective and shrewd strategic lines they will not cross. This of course gets Jesus, Paul, Peter and others arrested and killed but they understand that is how the game is played. It highlights that you can only play this game to win if you believe in the resurrection.
Both the left and the right are running their own games of civil religion. Our kingdom is not from this world, it comes from above, is born there, and will finally arrive from there. pvk

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