Activism for its own sake

Things are so chaotic and moving so fast I need some sort of scorecard to keep up with all the activism all the different sides want to promote. It’s not completely clear in my mind what or who the “alt-right” exactly is referring to (of who self-identifies as that) and now there is an “alt-left”?!?!

So if people protest at Google what exactly are they protesting? 1. Do they speak in alignment with the concerns Damore raised? 2. Do the speak in protest for the wage gap at Google for female employees that Google is in trouble with with the Feds?
3. Do they protest the massive amount of private information that Google (and other “big data” companies) have? The irony of the Damore flap is that they hire programmers to in fact profile all of us according to every demographic aspect imaginable (sex, age, zip code…) so as to predict our wants and our behavior, consumer and otherwise…

On a pedestrian bridge over I-80 on the way to Oakland-SF there are statues of protestors. They are not signs showing what exactly they are protesting, it is a monument to protesting alone. Perhaps this is the image of our times. We are “against”! and our practice/sacrament is yelling “you’re wrong!”

I can hardly see how such a sacrament can build communities or institutions from which people can act and live and love. If you yell “you’re wrong” at someone the most common response from them will be “no, you’re wrong!” and both sides get hardened in their positions basically because of biology.

Christians should ponder on the fact that the first sign of the maturing of our faith begins with the phrase “I’m wrong and I need someone who is perfectly right to save me from myself.”

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