On Trump and Repentance


Here is the simple, disturbing, and depressing fact that we must lead with: Evangelicals aided and abetted in the election of a man whose sympathies with neo-Nazis can no longer be in doubt—and, honestly, should not have been in doubt prior to last weekend anyway.

We need to be clear that what the neo-Nazis at this rally were promoting is very near to the heart of Trumpism and that point has always been very clear to anyone with the eyes to see it. The entire Trump campaign was filled with dog whistles that signaled his support for white nationalist groups and leaned heavily on well-established racist tropes.

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One Response to On Trump and Repentance

  1. Eric Van Dyken says:

    Politics is always a sordid business, and must necessarily involve weighing of a multitude of factors. I am not a Trump supporter, and did not vote for the man. But I wonder: Is the very visible evil and hate that we see in marches and torches, juvenile play-acting, and facile moral reasoning more anti-kingdom (Kingdom of God) than the dehumanization and hidden from view *actual* killing of untold numbers of unborn children? You see, quotes like above seem to have the inherent implication that “evangelicals” would somehow have been absolved of moral culpability if they had just seen the evil of the man and opted for the woman. Yet this is the woman whose party makes the dehumanization of unborn children a (perhaps *the*) hill to die on and this is the woman who has unabashedly stated that all unborn children have no human rights. Would we have gotten such quotes from mereorthodoxy regarding Hillary Clinton if evangelicals had voted largely for her and she won, only to fill the Supreme Court with more judges that value vague notions of “privacy” more than human life? Does Trump evidence boorish evil tendencies? I say yes. Does Hillary Clinton evidence smoothly offered evil tendencies? I say yes. Will we then posit that it is better to stomach our evil with a spoonful of sugar than a spoonful of ipecac?

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