Israelite Oracles vs. other ANE Oracles


  • Israel indictment oracles are far more common than in ANE oracles.
  • Israel oracles most often call for covenant faithfulness while ANE oracles most often call for ritual faithfulness
  • Israel prophets are covenant enforcers while ANE prophets are ritual enforcers.
  • Judgment in ANE prophesy is nearly non-existent.
  • In ANE prophesy divine support is most often in focus. In Israelite prophesy divine disfavor is most often in focus, in opposition to the status quo
  • ANE prophesy often majors in ritual prescription. Israelite prophesy holds covenant accountability rather than ritual accountability and the prescription (covenant faithfulness) is the presumed remedy.
  • Israelite hope is offered for AFTER judgment has come. ANE prophesy offers hope in near term victory in support of the king. Israelite prophesy offers hope for the long term future.
  • ANE prophesy functions in a context of immediacy and urgency with no long-term value. Israelite prophesy is presented as part of a divine plan that is escatalogical and covenant based.
  • While Israelite prophesy sometimes offers future telling it is more interesting in revealing God. It’s goal is the people of God and offers a vision of the person and plan of God. ANE prophesy usually serves to legitimate the present king.

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