Wapo on Dreher



Comment by a skeptic:

And about two thousand years ago human kind had virtually no clue about the nature of disease, storms, lightning, famine and just about anything else. Actually you could say this was the situation even 300 years ago. Anesthesiology and antibiotics were unknown, cell phones, TV or airplanes had not been discovered. The greatest thinkers in the world thought that all matter was comprised of earth, water, air and fire and that the sun rotated around the earth. To explain the world around them they created supernatural beings responsible for all that was happening to them. First of all they had many Gods and eventually they decided there must be just one super God. What is interesting is that in modern times these superstitions are accepted as real. The reason for this is that these tales are passed from generation to generation by indoctrinating young children to believe that these myths are real and true – a kind of child mind molestation. And this is how we end up with people who firmly believe that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and who get elected to Congress believing in all this ball shot.

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