“The line approach to culture”


Many of us look our culture with what we call in our book, “the line approach.” What we mean is an approach to culture where the only questions to be asked about culture have to do with the artifacts of culture – like movies, songs, schools, books, etc – and whether those artifacts cross our moral lines. Of course, there are many times that being faithful to Christ will mean to say “no” to something popular or widely embraced, but there’s more to Christian cultural engagement than counting sex scenes and cuss words to see if something “crosses the line.”

For example, I remember as a teenager hearing that “Christian” music was good, and rock music was bad. But that’s only judging one aspect of music as a cultural good. There are plenty of “Christian” songs that are silly, trivial, theologically inaccurate and musically deficient. On the other hand, there are rock musicians (even in the 80’s) who were musically excellent and lyrically creative. Drawing these lines across culture was simply inaccurate.

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