John Wimber 5 Step Healing Model

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3 Responses to John Wimber 5 Step Healing Model

  1. What is your comment on these videos?

  2. Rob Braun says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve heard this kind of teaching. I was a Charismatic minister when this video was made. Also, soon after this period of time I started questioning the veracity of this style of preaching, or more to the point, this style of spiritual winging it from the pulpit. What often amazed me, especially after watching this, and still amazes me, is people’s eager gullibility to believe this kind of nonsense. I knew John so I’m not saying this to belittle him, but even John Wimber realized the dangers of this kind of teaching very soon after this video was made. Notice, there’s no effort to expound scripture or delve into the deeper depths of scriptural truth and its appropriate application but instead, he uses the Scripture as a spring board for what he wants to say. The practice of this kind of use or misuse of Scriptural texts led many in the Vineyard into some very strange and outright heretical teaching and practices. There are no guard rails of biblical authority in this kind of preaching but only “inspiration” for the sake of inspiration. Being “led of the Spirit” becomes the only end game. I saw and heard a lot of these biblically off the rails style of preachers in those days. Among the Charismatic/Pentecostal churches, the people were desperate to believe in miracles and see them happen. in these theological circles performing miracles often became the main justification for their very existence. Yet, to be honest, there’s very little evidence that actual Jesus style miracles ever occurred. Even to this day, I find teachings like this dishonest and self serving. It leads to promoting the supposed spiritual ability of the individual rather than the glory of God. I’m glad to have walked aways from it when I did.

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