Return to Adam

Loren Haarsma begins by laying a foundation with three key doctrines to which the people associated with BioLogos are committed (p. 50).

  • Humans are created “in the image of God,” with a special relationship to God and a role to play in God’s creation.

  • All humans who have ever lived have sinned by rebelling against God’s revealed will.

  • God has dealt with sin through Christ’s incarnation, death, resurrection, ascension, and promised return.

Loren sketches four general positions on the question of Adam and Eve that are faithful to Christian doctrines and to our understanding of biology, genetics, and evolution (pp. 53-55).

  1. Adam and Eve as a transformed pair of ancient representative-ancestors of all humanity. … God specially selected a pair not only to receive special revelation but also to be miraculously transformed … to make it possible for them to be truly holy, capable of obeying all of God’s spiritual and moral requirements. While they were for a while able not to sin, nevertheless they sinned, and the special grace that allowed them to be sinless was withdrawn. … The spiritual, psychological, and cultural effects of sin eventually spread to the entire population.

  2. Adam and Eve as a small group of ancient representative-ancestors of all humanity. … God specially selected a small family group of a few dozen individuals to receive special revelation. Although they could have lived according to God’s expectations for them, they chose to sin. These people are among the ancestors of all humans.

  3. Adam and Eve as a pair of recent representatives of all humanity. God specially selected a pair of individuals to receive revelation and to act as representatives (but not ancestors) of all human beings. They disobeyed God and fell into sin in a concentrated historical event. Because they sinned as representatives of all humanity, all of humanity fell into sin.

  4. Adam and Eve as literary figures in a highly compressed history of all our ancestors. … God used both general and special revelation to tell them how they ought to behave and the consequences of disobedience. They chose disobedience again and again.

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