Jordan Peterson and Jonathan Haidt

32:30 Humans are ultra-social apes. We evolved to have these low level animistic religions. That’s what we’re designed for. As individuals we’re stupid, tribal creatures with post-hoc reasoning. But when we get together the whole can be vastly smarter than the components that go into it which is true of the brain too. The culture of science begins in Europe with the printing press and communities of people who are challenging each other. We’re really bad at dis-confirming our own ideas. When we put our ideas out there everyone else is motivated to challenge them. When you challenge them in the right way the truth comes out. So adversarial systems of law, journalism, science, social scientists should know this.

34:40 What happened? What we need is “no orthodoxy”. The university is losing through diversity. The ratio in psychology went from 2:1 or 4:1 but between 95 and 2010 it goes to 14:1. It has to do with the death of “the greatest generation” and the transition to the generation that fought racism in the 60s. An influx of left leaning people there to fight for social justice.

37:40 Most of what’s going on in gradschools is self-selection but there is also hostile environment. What it means to be a conservative in the 90s and 2000s has changed. Both sides have gone anti-science. Both right and left are going anti-evolutionary. Brett Weinstein claims that evolutionary biology now has something in it to offend everyone.

Not long ago Democrats could maintain a nuanced view of immigration but that has changed.  



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