I refreshed my content page

I’m trying to get reasonable about my content management. I realized a long time ago how much the age of decay takes from us. When my grandfather died we needed to figure out what to do with his small wooden boxes that held all his sermons on English and Dutch. They are in my mother’s home. I will take them home to California one of these trips. I decide when I started Leadingchurch.com I wanted my blog to be a work space. I originally started it just so I could have a file system that was constantly present for me wherever I was and on any device I had in my pocket or bag or room. The blog was the most universally available platform. That’s why it has the unwieldy shape it has. I then started writing my “on the way to Sunday” posts which are usually some of the sermon product before the final edits. I usually don’t write the edits. They happen in Powerpoint early Sunday AM.

Now that I have the discipline of video recording (tapes are gone BTW) I need to manage this as well. YouTube is the equivalent of a blog.
A few years ago I started getting a bit more disciplined on tagging. That has paid off.
So this morning I figure it was time to do some editing of my content page and this is it. If you preachers out there (I know some of you lurk) want to borrow or steal I’ll make it easy for you. 🙂 https://paulvanderklay.me/sermon-series/

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