Screen capture to gif

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3 Responses to Screen capture to gif

  1. mavismoon says:

    Not sure if this comment I left earlier saved or not. Anyway, if you haven’t checked Snagit (, I’d recommend it. I’ve been using it for screen captures and recordings for year. Not free, but not expensive. At church, when I was secretary, I used Snagit like a Photoshop-Lite.

    • PaulVK says:

      I’ve used snag-it before. In fact I probably own it already. 🙂 I forgot about it and didn’t know it could make GIFs. I’ll check it out again and see if I can retrieve my old license. It might have gone the way of some old email address though. 😦

  2. mavismoon says:

    That was meant to be “for years”

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