JBP Transliminal Interviews late 2017

21:00 Why the Bible? Because belief is more than just carrying around articulated speech in your head. You embody it. Yoga is a good example.

33: The trickster and the person who can take a joke has to transcend themselves in order to laugh at themselves. It’s tyrants who can’t tolerate the jester. The jester is the only person who can tell the truth.

38: The other Jordan: “People who are deeply religious who take the text literally…” why is “deeply religious” assumed to correlate with that? Is it because they might tend to act it out in a literalistic way? In other words connect with the JBP comment on 21?

44:40 You can say you reject a transcendent but you cant escape the religious. The atheists who listen are stuck without a representation to mediate between themselves and their culture. A tyrannical state is a failed state because they have to resort to power to gain compliance.

49: What is belief? Are you “saved” by actions or by mental ascent? 53: Justification by works. Were the stories assembled for the purposes of power? Doubtful because the amount of time they were assembled.

55: Other Jordan on origin story of the text to placate Persian demands to organize the people religiously. But you can’t even do that today without revoking rebellion among the fanboys. It’s a dance between editors and listeners.

58: The Bible is an attempt to distill wisdom what else could it be? JBP?

60: The prophets in the OT tradition.

Instantiation of the holy in the people and in the land.

the instantiation of man with the divine, blood and soil. This changes with the Christians.

  • The possibility of the ideal state with a particular piece of land is a recurring theme in the OT. Ideal state keeps collapsing. There is a problem there.
  • From the Christian perspective the ideal state is a state of being, the psychological state.
  • 2:30: what is a place? What is primary, the state or the state of being?
  • 4:00 why are all eyes on Israel?
  • 5:30 Credo vs. tribal element
  • 7:00 “Christianity has a unique solution to the problem of evil?”
  • 9:00 Can the state resolve the problem of conflict? Christianity psychologizes that problem and takes it a different way than Judaism
  • 10: the death of God has happened over and over again. As you go into monotheism and God becomes more and more of an abstracted idea he goes off into space. Protestantism tends towards abstraction.
  • 12:20 why the Biblical series is successful
  • 13:45 you have to make the abstraction into a point for it to be real. Why the pronoun issue?
  • 14:44 making the biblical abstractions concrete for now. his rule for his lecture. It has to change your behaviors.

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2 Responses to JBP Transliminal Interviews late 2017

  1. Nate Van Denend says:

    His discussion about how the brain has this kind of preconditioned framework to form religious beliefs sounds remarkably like Plantinga’s Warranted Christian Belief and Calvin’s sense of the divine. They arrive at the idea through theology and philosophy. Peterson arrives at the idea through neuroscience and psychology. The convergence is intriguing.

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