John Walton on Reading the Old Testament

  • 4:00 the book is secondary. The spoken word is primary
  • 8:00 the book is written for us not to us

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2 Responses to John Walton on Reading the Old Testament

  1. wildiris says:

    First I wanted to say thank you for your presence on YouTube. You’re the first pastor I have ever encountered that is talking about some of the most influential voices in my own Christian walk in faith; that is, individuals like Nietzsche, Thomas Kuhn, and now more recently Dr. John Walton and Jordan Peterson. I’ve been waiting for voice like yours for close to 30 years now.
    My comment is directed, not to this video, but to your most recent YouTube entry, “Comparing Jordan Peterson and John Walton on Pre-cosmic Chaos.” My comments run too long to post on YouTube, so I’m leaving them here.

    I haven’t made it all the way through your newest video just yet, but I already have a couple of comments. Around the time marker 23:30, you ask the question “what is real” and talk about relationships being fundamental. The term in the hard sciences for what you’ve noticed is called “emergent systems”. I would strongly encourage you to start with the Wikipedia page “Emergence” and go from there. I suspect you will be quite fascinated by what you find.

    Second point is your thoughts on what constitutes physical reality. The field of physics has already paved the way for you. Again I would encourage you to go on the web and look up Landauer’s principle or Landauer’s eraser. The physicist Rolf Landauer established the connection between information and energy; thus it is now said that “information is physical”. The notion that information has a physical presence shows up strongly in discussions related to black holes and the nature of their event horizons.

    For example, you might start with this lay-person’s exposition of the problem, “It From Bit: Is the Universe a Cellular Automaton?”

    It is turning out that information, something of no physical substance in itself, may be more real than physical objects themselves. Continuing on this line, Richard Dawkins in his book “The Selfish Gene,” proposed this principle for life forms. In some sense, what Richard Dawkins said was profoundly spiritual in its implications; that is, what makes us, us, is the coded information that forms our DNA. But that coded information existed long before we were born and will continue long after our physical bodies are gone. So if you take Richard Dawkins’ thesis to its logical conclusion, you have to admit that the most important things in this world have no physical substance.

    You might want to also look up the work of Craig Venter in genetic sequencing. Science as progress to the point where we can now sequence the DNA of a particular life form, store that information on a hard-drive or in a computer’s memory, that information can then be transmitted via the Internet to another location, where that coded information can now be used to reconstitute the original DNA molecules. That reconstitute DNA can then be injected into a sterile cell creating a copy of the original life form. So you have to ask yourself now, what is life and where does it actually exist?

    And completely off-topic, for the sake of my poor German ears, work on your pronunciation of Nietzsche :-).

    • PaulVK says:

      THanks for you comment and the fertile new sources you suggest. 🙂 I’ve never heard of many of this. Alas, the world is HUGE! I’m sorry about butchering German names. I’ll work on it. I’m waiting to hear from the Dutch too. The lovely spinsters that lived next door to where I grew up always told my Frisian mother she had an American throat. 🙂

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