JBP on Church in Jan 2018 Q/A

19:30: Andrew Wells asks “Can we take the biblical stories seriously enough without keeping biblical the traditions? Psychological impact of church going…”

  • Communal return
  • To reaffirm your commitment to the good that has some power in it. Not something we should forego
  • Communal church going in the 1950s, an hour a week where they were contemplating the purpose of ethics in life better. Catastrophe that we’ve lost it. We’re fragmenting.
  • End. 21:50


1:18:55 Pastors Lying. 🙂

“They don’t believe what they’re saying and they’re actually not listening to them. They’re not listening to what they’re saying…” “It’s painful to hear them utilized formulaically or without conviction knowing full well that they don’t believe what they’re saying. That’s what I mean by lying.”


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