California’s Mega Churches

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2 Responses to California’s Mega Churches

  1. mavismoon says:

    I posted this on the article, too. But, I wish the author or others would discuss the effect the mega-churches are having on “non-mega churches”. I don’t know the answer — if there is one — to the challenge that smaller churches face, but I do believe that one big reason that many churches are dwindling in size is because people go to the mega-churches. As churches get smaller, they can’t “compete” with mega-churches, and often the challenge grows and grows. Less and less people, less and less ability (or money) to offer the services people are looking for in a church community — things like children’s worship, Sunday School, youth programs, worship directors, praise bands, and on and on and on. It’s part of a bigger question, but I’d love to hear discussion of the effect of the draw/pull of mega-churches on other churches.

    I myself have only come up with one response, which I cannot say has been — to my knowledge — very effective. I tell people our church (one of those smaller, “non-mega churches”) will love you, but may (probably won’t) have as many programs as the mega-churches.

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