Oxford to give women more time on tests


So why do women need more time for their tests?

What are they saying with this? I suppose it would make sense that they give less intelligent students, or less industrious students, or less conscientious students, or students who drink a lot, or who prefer partying to studying, or who play too many computer games more time too because that should improve their scores too. Why not just remove all time limitations because clearly the time limitations are reducing student scores? Why not just give A’s to all the students then you eliminate all low scores all together. Why don’t the smart people at one of the most prestigious universities in the world think of that? What a strange world.

I wonder if they think this will help the women learn more or if their main interest is just that the women get better grades. They could just give all women A’s. I’m sure that wouldn’t impact the reputation of every female grad leaving Oxford with a 4.0 would it? Or maybe they could keep it secret and just secretly give all women 4.0s and graduate with honors. I’m sure no one would notice and no one would think to themselves “boy, they gave these women a free pass on the competitive system that we use as a society to judge competence… I’d better not hire any woman from Oxford because I can’t be sure they were smart or not…” No one would think that.

Why does Wellesley college, one of the most prestigious women’s colleges in the US practice grade deflation? Maybe Wellesley should give all their students more time, or just A’s. What would that do to the reputation of Wellesley College?

Why would such supposedly smart people change the rules like this? So many questions.

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