Paul responds to my video on the battle

My response:

Thanks Paul. I enjoyed your video. I could hear the passion, honesty, earnestness. Your observation that evil must finally be done away with is very much part of the Christian narrative, and that narrative calls it hell. It is the sea of fire where evil is finally dispatched. Christianity says that only God has the right to make that judgment and that until God finally executes it what is allowed to us is not final judgment. The book of Ephesians says “we battle not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers” and what that means is something similar to JBP’s “ideological possession”. “Demons” as you called them come out by words and the Spirit of God, not disappearing people. The line between good and evil runs through every human heart. We pray for the day when all that is sad becomes untrue. I love your passion and your desire in this video. May God bless you.

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