Anthony Bradley Tweet Story on Jordan Peterson 

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1 Response to Anthony Bradley Tweet Story on Jordan Peterson

  1. manri02 says:

    In both Anthony Bradley’s 18 tweets and your analysis, there is a rather large elephant not acknowledged: Feminism, its anti-Male rhetoric, and comprehensive application in Western culture. Academia? Complete ownership, with very few exceptions, including to a degree Christian higher education. I find for every Peterson pill, I need a Fiamengo; her analyses are on-target, well-expressed, and an antidote for sanity and the well-being of boys and men. But Anthony blamed the lack of Jungian thought in the churches.
    Oh, no. A second elephant? Maybe. Please check out Jeffrey Satinover’s excellent 1994 essay: Maybe there’s cause for concern?
    If you haven’t come across Janice Fiamengo, check out this playlist:
    I don’t know how you keep up with everything. Amazing. God’s enabling, for sure. Best wishes.
    Dick Mann (

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