Teaching School Children how to respond to an active shooter incident

Many of us have been blessed to live in a time and place where children go to school with little risk of gun violence. It is a noble thing to want this to be true always and forever. That desire is eschatalogical. It is a desire for kingdom come.
It’s helpful to remember in many times and places children have not been safe from marauders, slavers, bandits, and they are still not always safe from predators of the less dramatic variety. Yes, children are gunned down but their little lives are far more commonly destroyed in innumerable ways.
One of the worse lies of our time and place is that we are naive, reveling in our own denial. It is a good desire for kingdom come here and now, but we are clueless of its path, what it requires, and outrageously overconfident that we can bring it by our own means.

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